Summary of
Inventorium Tank

(June 2020)


Summary of Meeting on June 26, 2020

by Steve Ring, CEO of Inventorium USA, Inc.

This was our 1st Virtual Tank, and the 6th meeting in total, dating back to 2014.

All attendees signed and returned the Inventorium Participant Agreement prior to the meeting on Friday, June 26th, 2020. This summary uses only general descriptions to avoid revealing confidential information.

I presented an example of a simple metallic form, a connector for wooden components, that is being sold successfully on the Inventorium’s storefront on Amazon, to illustrate that even the simplest item may have a market. There are now 5 products on the Inventorium’s Amazon storefront.

I also presented a prototype of a product designed to allow creative outdoor lighting that can be changed easily to create a different theme or look for different occasions. Dialogue with manufacturers has started, and a second prototype is expected soon.

Oscar presented prototypes for a product designed to help minimize wasted paint. We expect that the design process will continue as we engage with manufacturers.

Diane presented a product intended to help protect outdoor furniture and several other items from the elements. It combines versatility with economy. Her video on YouTube was shown and ideas were discussed for alternative designs, sizes and uses, along with ideas for promotion of the product.

Each of these new Inventorium products is expected to take up time and resources going forward.

 Options for funding were discussed in general terms. New investors are welcome.

Slim Z Bracket

Steve Ring invented the Slim Z Bracket while developing prototypes for another Inventorium idea. Unable to find the right piece of hardware in stores, he designed his own.

Inventorium Introduction Video (May 2020)

This Introduction Video provides a tour and glimpse into the Inventorium with CEO Steve Ring. Sign up for our next Tank on Friday, June 26th to Present your ideas.