Virtual Inventor’s Tank

(June 26th at 5PM)


You are invited to be a Presenter or Panelist during our upcoming Virtual Tank.

Contact us directly to attend this free event via Zoom

To qualify for participation, click the button below and submit the form by Monday, June 22nd. Then we will send an agreement for your signature because the upcoming Tank will involve the presentation of confidential details by Inventors.

For the protection of all those involved, Inventors and Panelists will be required to sign and return Inventorium’s Master Agreement (including non-disclosure) in order to be admitted to the Tank.

Presenters and Panelists are needed for this Tank. 

Inventors will Present their ideas and products to a group of friendly Panelists.

  • Presenters/Inventors should have a functional prototype to show.
  • Panelists should have a clear and open mind.

Just a reminder:

The aim of the Inventorium is to provide a path for inventors to develop and market their products, free from vendors and various up-front fees and obstacles.

The Inventorium is a vehicle for regular folks with creative ideas. We follow many conventional steps in the development process, but remain creative in our approach.

Summary of Inventorium Tank (June 2020)

Summary of Inventorium Tank on June 26, 2020 written by CEO Steve Ring. Inventors discussed their newest products in development with the Inventorium. Investors are welcome.

Slim Z Bracket

Steve Ring invented the Slim Z Bracket while developing prototypes for another Inventorium idea. Unable to find the right piece of hardware in stores, he designed his own.

Inventorium Introduction Video (May 2020)

This Introduction Video provides a tour and glimpse into the Inventorium with CEO Steve Ring. Sign up for our next Tank on Friday, June 26th to Present your ideas.