The Inventorium® focuses on mentoring new entrepreneurs. Candidates of all ages are invited to present their ideas to our multi-disciplinary tank. Inventors receive help designing, sourcing, testing, funding, producing, branding and marketing their products through a series of workshops and strategy sessions. The ultimate goal of The Inventorium is to bring innovative new products to market.

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Summary of Inventorium Tank (June 2020)

Summary of Inventorium Tank on June 26, 2020 written by CEO Steve Ring. Inventors discussed their newest products in development with the Inventorium. Investors are welcome.

Slim Z Bracket

Steve Ring invented the Slim Z Bracket while developing prototypes for another Inventorium idea. Unable to find the right piece of hardware in stores, he designed his own.

Inventorium Introduction Video (May 2020)

This Introduction Video provides a tour and glimpse into the Inventorium with CEO Steve Ring. Sign up for our next Tank on Friday, June 26th to Present your ideas.

Scientific Studies on the Properties of Copper

Viruses can remain infectious on surfaces for several days. These scientific studies report on metallic copper’s antiviral properties and ability to kill viruses faster than other surfaces.

Antiviral Copper Products

Due to recent pandemics and copper’s antimicrobial properties, products are being manufactured with antiviral copper to replace other metals. Kitchen utensils, appliances and medical equipment are following this trend.


While you may be dreaming up the next million dollar idea, it takes more than money to make the world go round. Today’s marketplace increasingly favors businesses that are also mission-driven, following major drivers of the economy: health care, environmental concerns, clean energy, solutions for hunger, accessible transportation and job opportunities. 

The Inventorium is here to pair profitability with purpose. Through collaboration and a collective desire to make things better, we nurture the creativity to generate solutions in useful, simple, clever, and eco-friendly ways that make economic sense.

These pillars support The Inventorium: 

  • New Entrepreneurs
  • All Ages
  • New Ideas
  • Multi-tasking
  • Catching Trends
  • Preventing Problems
  • Improving Methods
  • Exploring New Territory

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The Inventorium is for more than just inventors. Our Participants span many industries and fields including Education, Engineering, Fabrication, Design, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Production, Research and Supply Chains.

Students (ages 9+)

Children are encouraged to share their ideas through our Young Inventors Program. Students have the opportunity to gain an early understanding of the business world.


Creatives and problem solvers are invited  to the Inventorium for support developing, marketing and distributing their products.


Through collaboration with experienced professionals in relevant fields, we aim to help the entrepreneur create an optimal path for success.


Your academic insights into science, technology and business may be a valuable addition to the team of panelists, coaches and mentors.


Established members of the community are an invaluable resource when it comes to avoiding the natural pitfalls of doing business. Join as a Mentor to share your unique experience and expertise.


Opportunities to finance specific projects may lead to financial reward for the stakeholders, but will also enable the inventor to learn the steps of product and business development – tipping the scale toward success in future ventures.

A Muli-taskER’S Success Story

Attorney, Donna McBride, worked with the Inventorium to develop this new product. She got the idea after learning that a favorite pastime was gaining popularity around the world.

The Plogging Bag is an accessory for runners, walkers, and hikers to more comfortably clean up their environment while they exercise.



No matter how big or small your invention, The Inventorium is here to help you get from light bulb moment to drawing board to final product. Whether you’ve come up with a simple life-hack for cleaning the ceiling or a radical new way to butter your toast, we want to hear your ideas.

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